Agility Run Order and Judging Schedule

Colorado Kennel Club Agility Trials

 Welcome to the February 15-17, 2019 AKC Agility trials. 

This Trial is held under American Kennel Club Rules and Regulations. 

National Western Stock Show Events Center 

4655 Humboldt Street, Denver, Colorado 80216-2818 


Friday through Sunday: 7:00 a.m. – 30 minutes after the conclusion of last class 

No Public Crating until Thursday, February 14th, 2019 

All three rings will be run CONCURRENTLY 


Results will be displayed on monitors near the secretary area. Additionally, there will be computers available to look-up all results by armband number. NCR copies of scribe sheets will NOT be available, except for the FAST classes, which will be available ringside. As always, you should view and confirm your results of your runs as quickly as possible. Any discrepancies can be viewed and resolved with the score table and/or judge, if identified early. Class results will be posted as quickly as possible after completion of the class/height group. 


Because this trial is held concurrently with several other venues, as well as three agility rings, we are asking you to handle conflicts in the following manner. Please Check-in every morning for EVERY CLASS. There will be boards posted with all the Gate Sheets for that day. Only handlers with genuine conflicts will be allowed to move their dogs in the running order. If you anticipate a conflict in ANY class, you MUST mark your name with a “C”. If you do have a conflict with your run time that cannot be accommodated by moving within your height, if possible, you must walk/run in an earlier jump height, which allows the score table to close out classes. You must have permission from the Secretary, Chair, Gate Steward or Judge to move a dog to ANOTHER jump height. 

If your conflict is only with your walkthrough, try to walk with an earlier group, so please plan ahead! 

Ring 1, with the smaller classes, takes priority, and then Ring 2. Don’t panic, as long as the course is still available, we will work to get your runs in if you have marked your dog as a conflict. 

You may only move your dog in the order IF you have a legitimate conflict. Separating multiple dogs is allowed only if you keep them in the original order if they are in the same height and, if possible, move the first dog up in the order. Exhibitors are solely responsible for having their dog at the ring when it is their turn to run. Judges are not required to wait for dogs. Be at the gate at least 4 dogs before your turn to go. 




B will run before A, followed by Preferred within each height group, unless otherwise noted. 

All exhibitors will be allowed to walk the course, without dogs, before the start of their class. 


The check-in process will be self-check-in for all handlers. No armbands will be provided. If you need to look up your armband number for the look-up computers, please use the catalog notebook provided at the check-in table. If you need to be measured, there will be measurement forms at check-in table to give to the VMO for measurement. Please have your information handy and complete the form before being measured. 


Move-Up entries will be accepted for dogs that have completed a title after the closing date of February 1st, 2019. E-mail request for a move up is acceptable with return receipt verification from the secretary. Either a move up form or an e-mail must be completed and delivered to the Trial Secretary prior to 6:00p.m. February 11th, 2019. Move-up entries for Saturday or Sunday must be delivered to the Trial Secretary at the trial site within 30 minutes of the conclusion of judging of the class they are moving up from


At closing, there were no wait-lists for any day. 

Please direct any questions to the Trial Secretary Amanda Glazar,, 443-632-4117. The emergency contact number for this trial is Beth Godwin at 303-690-0759. 


We can’t do this without your help, so please consider if you can help out for a class or two. Online volunteer sign-up can be accessed at: 

Please do not take a spot that has already been assigned! Questions regarding volunteers can contact Jamie Horacek at Please check-in upon arrival. Volunteers will receive a $4 future CKC entry voucher for each class. Vouchers CANNOT be used at the food vendor. 


There is a concessionaire onsite however; worker vouchers cannot be used for food. Please plan accordingly! 


Leash laws will be enforced; all dogs must be on lead or confined to crates or x-pens when not being judged, except when in the designated warm-up area. Please clean up after your dog. Anyone observed not cleaning up after your dog, or allowing their dog to run off-lead, will be asked to leave the trial site for the remainder of the weekend. No refunds! Your cooperation in this matter is appreciated. 


Public set-up of crates is available Thursday, February 14th from 10:00am to 5:00pm, estimated. The crating area is sufficient for all exhibitors, but please be considerate and place crates close together to allow everyone to have their spot and be closer to the rings. Mats will be allowed under EX-pens or crates only. The use of ex-pens may be restricted based on the size and number of dogs. Please only crate in designated areas. In the concrete area, please limit your items as much as possible & consolidate your equipment. The front half of the concrete crating area will be reserved for those actually working during the trial itself. Please only crate in this designated area if you are a volunteer worker. The show committee reserves the right to alter crating arrangements for space purposes. 

There will be NO crating permitted in the barn stall area. Agility exhibitors are NOT allowed to crate in the area. 


Exhibitors are governed by any rules or regulations of civil authorities and building and parking regulations. Vehicles parked contrary to regulations will be subject to towing at owner’s expense. Parking in front of building is limited to those with handicapped permits and unloading only. 

GATE 7 will be designated as an entrance only from 6:00 AM to 10:00 AM with a dedicated lane for unloading (Friday through Sunday). Please have your Parking Pass displayed as you pull in to the grounds. 

Club officials may require that vehicles or equipment be rearranged to accommodate additional vehicles. Area around vehicles MUST be kept clean at all times. All vehicles will be parked at owner’s risk. National Western Stock Show Association, Colorado Kennel Club and FRAAD will not be responsible for loss by burglary, fire, or any other cause whatsoever to the vehicle or its contents. 

Emergency Services 

Denver - Fire/Police/Ambulance Dial 911 


Alameda East Veterinary Hospital, 

9970 E. Alameda Ave. 

Denver, Colo. 80247 


DIRECTIONS FROM THE SHOW TO ALAMEDA EAST VETERINARY HOSPITAL: East on I-70 to I-225 (exit 282), go South to exit 8, Alameda Ave. Exit right on Alameda and make a U-turn at Dayton St.. Alameda East Veterinary Hospital will be on right hand side of road. 

Exhibitors should follow their veterinarians’ recommendation to assure their dogs are free of internal and external parasites, any communicable diseases, and have appropriate vaccinations

ROUTES TO THE TRIAL: PLEASE NOTE – Traffic on I-70 Friday mornings can be very heavy so please plan accordingly. There will be no delay of trial for heavy traffic. 

***Construction on and by I-70 has started near Brighton Blvd.*** *****Check for latest updates on road closures and traffic impact***** 

FROM EAST OR WEST - Take Interstate 70 to Brighton Blvd. exit 275B. Upper deck is I-70. Ground level is E. 48th Ave. Go North on Brighton Blvd. past Event Center to Gate 7. 

FROM THE NORTH OR SOUTH - Take Interstate 25 to exit 214A (Junction with I-70) then east 1 mile to exit 275B.