All CKC Meetings are suspended until further notice due to the COVID-19.

RV Parking

ALL overnight parking reservations are not complete until an overnight parking reservation form is complete. Reservations are assigned on a first come, first served basis. There are no refunds after the deadline. Reservations are accepted as assigned.

Important: The National Western Complex is under construction, spaces are lim- ited and you are encouraged to reserve space early. Confirmation is by email only.

Reservation Deadline is Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Upon arrival at the National Western Complex, proceed to gate 1 and you will be directed to your assigned space. Please plan your arrival between 6 a.m. and 9 p.m.

Each vehicle will receive a parking tag and must be displayed at all times while on the National Western grounds.  All vehicles must fit within the size limits of each designated site, which may mean unhooking. Vehicles should not block roadways or they will be asked to move. If an accompanying vehicle for tow does not fit in the designated site, it must be parked in the regular parking lot.  The event organizer, RV chair, Show chair or security directions must be followed at all times. Violations may be subject to Bench Show Committee or may cause forfeiter of parking privileges without a refund.  The event organizer, RV chair, Show chair or the National Western Complex are not responsible for any loss, damage or theft.

Night owls and early risers, please be mindful of others by keeping all noise levels low between the quiet hours of 11 p.m. and 6 a.m.

In case of a medical emergency in one of the lots, call 911. In the evening or after hours, guests needing medical attention should leave their RV’s lights on allowing the response team to easily identify the appropriate vehicle.

Parking is available beginning at noon, Wednesday, February 12.  Parking is a privilege extended by CKC. Any arguing, abusive language or failure to obey State, County, City or Club regulations or instructions of parking officials may cause forfeiter of parking privileges without a refund.

All reservations must be included in one envelope in order to park together.

Box Truck

The Colorado Kennel Club, Inc. is offering a day parking pass for box trucks & large vans.  

The cost is $75.00 with electric and $50.00 without electric for all days.  

Access will be through GATE 5 at the National Western Complex.  

There will be NO overnight camping with this Pass. Your pass gives you access in and out of the complex, and special designated parking close to the building. The spaces will be approx. 25 feet long, (if your vehicle is longer you will be required to buy two spots) and will be assigned first come first serve basis first day of show. 

There will be NO EXPENS ALLOWED in the parking area. 

A self-addressed, stamped envelope must be mailed with your box truck parking reservation. No envelope, no reservation! 

You will not be allowed to park without your parking pass. You will receive your pass in the self addressed stamped envelope sent with your reservation. Pass must be presented to the attendant each day for admittance. 

Box truck parking requests must be postmarked no earlier than December 27, 2019 & no later than January 29, 2020. 

Colorado Kennel Club

PO Box 202

Dacano, CO  80514