Tickets may be purchased at the door at the National Western Complex, Denver throughout the event.  There are no advance tickets available.  Just come to the show and buy your tickets at the door.

For everyone's safety, baby strollers are not allowed in buildings.

General Admission for adults is $5.00 and children under 12 are free.  Parking at the complex is $10.00.  Cash only.

Location is the National Western Complex 4655 Humboldt St, Denver CO 

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Why should I attend the show?

In 2017, thousands of people watched over 1,400 dogs compete in the dog shows. You've seen them on television at the AKC Invitational Dog Show on New Year's Day, at the Westminster Kennel Club dog show from New York, or at Kennel Club of Philadelphia dog show at Thanksgiving.  Here’s your chance to see them live and in person.  The Colorado Kennel Club dog shows are the only all breed dog show in Denver and presented by the oldest dog club in Colorado. You can spend the entire day admiring thousands of beautiful dogs and shopping the vendor booths.  With more than 150 different breeds from all across the United States, you’ll not want to miss this great opportunity to attend one of the oldest sporting events in the country – an AKC dog show.  It’s for everyone in the family.

Over 150 Breeds of Dogs

Ever wonder about what a particular breed of dog looked like?  Here is your chance to see that breed up close and talk with people that have raised them for years.  Wander through the grooming areas and talk with the handlers and owners.  However tempting, do not pet a dog without asking for permission first. The dog may have just been groomed in preparation for being judged.  Also please remember that the handlers and owners are at the CKC to show their dogs in the competition.  They may be in a hurry or rushed due to time constraints.  Please ask them first if they have time to talk with you about the dog.  Your patience is greatly appreciated.


What should I wear?

Be comfortable, especially shoe wear.  The building is heated, so don’t worry about being cold.  People showing their dogs will be dressed appropriately to compete in the show rings.

May I bring my dog?

The competitions are only for dogs that have been pre-entered.  No un-entered dogs are allowed.  So, please leave your pet at home.

Can I buy a puppy or dog at the show?

We do not allow dogs to be sold or adopted at the show.  We do encourage you to try and meet reputable breeders at show or visit the numerous rescue societies and clubs in the region and make an appointment to either purchase or adopt a dog.

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