The Colorado Kennel Club Welcomes You!

IF YOU RESERVED GROOMING SPACE, PLEASE CLICK HERE TO SEE YOUR SPACE. Please check your name for any corrections needed. Thanks to everyone who bought grooming this year. There are still some grooming spaces left. You can text Charlene Drwyer at for any corrections or to buy a grooming space, or you can buy them at the shows.

Have you ever watched a dog show on TV? Now is your chance to see one live and cheer for your favorites at the 2024 Colorado Kennel Club Dog Show on February 16, 17 and 18. This is a dog show that is fun for the entire family! While you watch entertaining events all day long there is shopping galore for both you and your dog . Come watch dogs fly off a dock into water while trying to catch their favorite toy mid-air. Want to watch a dog perform with his natural instincts and find a rat? Then you don't want to miss Barn Hunt. Wish your dog was more "obedient"? Come see the obedience and rally dogs perform specific commands by their owner. Have a favorite breed, or want to learn more about a specific breed? This year's MEET THE BREEDS is Saturday and Sunday, Feb 17-18th.

There is something for everyone of every age at this year's 2024 Colorado Dog Show.

Schedule of Events

COLORADO KENNEL CLUB, INC. ALL BREED DOG SHOW February 16, 17, and 18 2024

If you are interested in seeing a specific breed show in conformation, the time and ring number is listed in the Judging Program. The Judging Program will be available approximately 2 weeks before the actual show.When available, it will be posted here. Detailed information about everything happening at the dog show is available in the Premium List
Doors open to the public at 8am.
Show continues throughout each day to approximately 5pm
Located on the Main Floor in the Hall of Education

THREE DAYS OF OBEDIENCE AND RALLY February 16, 17 and 18, 2024

Novice A Class, Novice B Class, Open A, Class Open B ,Class Utility A, Class Utility B, Class Preferred Novice, Class Preferred Open, Class Preferred Utility, Class Beginner Novice A, Class Beginner Novice B, Class Graduate Novice, Class Graduate Open, Class Versatility Class. Rally Novice B, Rally Intermediate, Rally Advanced A, Rally Advanced B, Rally Excellent A, Rally Excellent B, Rally Master,Rally Choice
Located on the Upper Level of the Hall of Education


Personally meet both dog and hander and learn more about the specific breed. This year's schedule of breeds include:

9:00-11:00 AM - Rottweilers
11:00 AM - Keeshonds
12 NOON - Dalmatians
1:00 PM - Leonbergers
2:00 PM - Bouviers Des Flandres

11:00 AM- Siberian Huskies
12 NOON - Newfoundlands
1:00pm-Berger Picard
Located on the Main Floor of the Hall of Education

DOCK DIVING. (National Qualifying Event) February 15, 16, 17 and 18
9 a.m. - 5 p.m.: Splashes Event
12 - 1 p.m.: Judges Break (Pool open for Try-its and practice during this time)
5 p.m.: Air Retrieve Event
For more information about Dock Diving and registration visit North America Diving Dogs
Located on the Lower Level of the Hall of Education

See p. 49 of the Premium List for more details.

Open to all breeds and mixed breeds. See pl 51 of the Premium List for more details.
For more information about Barn Hunt visit The Barn Hunt Association

Sunday February 18 during lunchtime.

Admission: $10.00 at the National Western Ticket Office on day of event.
No advanced ticket sales available. Children under 12 free.
No baby strollers please.
No unentered dogs allowed, except service dogs.
No baby strollers please.
Parking by National Western : $15.00

The PREMIUM LIST is where you will find all the detailed information about all the events occurring at the 2024 Colorado Kennel Club Dog Show, including:
Location and directions to the dog show
Parking and Admission Fees
Detailed information about each of the events

Click HERE to see the times and ring numbers that each specific breed shows in conformation. Scroll to p. 7